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JKD Services Develops Web Portal for Nutrition in Demand

JKD Services, acknowledging its corporate responsibility in society, has developed a web portal pro bono for Nutrition in Demand.

Nutrition in Demand is a non-profit organization founded in late 2012 by Registered Dietitian, Mrs. Tamika Handfield. The organization’s mission is to increase people’s awareness of the important role of food in the body and how good nutrition supports optimal growth and health.

Being totally dependent on donations for their successful operation, JKD Services was more than willing to offer their expertise in the development of the web portal which will assist in the promotion of Nutrition in Demand’s activities.

Among other functions, the web portal will allow for online donations to be made to the organization as well as registration for upcoming events. JKD Services remains committed to serving Nutrition and Demand through it’s pledge for free technical support of the website.

The website can be viewed at

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